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Eleanora Ky


Meet Eleanora Ky, the visionary mind and successful syndicator behind Syndimax. With a deep understanding of the power of digital tools, Eleanora has single-handedly raised an astounding $7 million for her syndication ventures. Her expertise in effective marketing strategies for syndication businesses is second to none, making her knowledge and experiences invaluable assets for anyone seeking to thrive in the industry.

Eleanora’s journey is one of sheer determination and triumph in the multifamily real estate sector. Originally from South Korea, she arrived in the US with little more than two suitcases, but that didn’t stop her from achieving greatness. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and Graphic Design, as well as a Master’s degree in Christian Education from prestigious institutions, fueling her passion for real estate investing.

As a licensed commercial broker associate in the Texas area and a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Candidate, Eleanora brings more than 17 years of management experience in Corporate America to her role as a multifamily investor. Her track record speaks for itself, with an impressive $130 million in assets under management within her portfolio.

Eleanora’s expertise extends to various facets of real estate, and as a General Partner, she has successfully invested in over 970 doors and 4 triple-net commercial properties across four states. Her focus remains on multifamily real estate, particularly garden-style apartment complexes acquired with agency debt. Eleanora’s extensive network of high-net-worth individuals provides her with access to capital, enabling her to continuously expand her portfolio and seize lucrative opportunities.

At Sunberry Capital LLC, Eleanora plays a pivotal role as a Joint Venture, General Partner, and Key Principal. Since 2016, the company has been making strategic investments in multifamily and commercial real estate, solidifying Eleanora’s standing as a respected and accomplished leader in the industry.

If you’re looking to elevate your syndication business and achieve remarkable results, take advantage of Eleanora Ky’s exceptional knowledge and experiences. Join her on a journey of growth and success in the multifamily real estate landscape.

David Ky

UX/UI Expert, CEO

Introducing David Ky, a seasoned expert in syndication digital marketing. With over 20 years of experience in web design, David has perfected the art of promoting syndication ventures effectively.

His expertise covers a wide range of essential tools, including CRM and underwriting tools, ensuring smooth operations and efficient management throughout the syndication process. David’s deep understanding of investor relations allows him to strategically manage investor networks, fostering long-term relationships and instilling confidence in potential investors.

A master of email marketing, David crafts compelling messages that keep investors engaged and informed about new opportunities and performance updates.

In summary, David Ky brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in syndication digital marketing, CRM, underwriting tools, investor network management, and email marketing. His expertise is an invaluable asset for any syndication venture aiming to thrive in the digital landscape and achieve success.

Steven Lee

Project Manager

Introducing Steven Lee, a seasoned Project Manager with a rewarding background in the syndication digital marketing industry. With expertise in project management, email/webpage building and tracking, programming, and UX/UI, Steven has been a key player in enhancing various syndication businesses.

Fluent in Korean and Chinese, Steven’s language skills have proven invaluable in translating emails, web pages, and legal documents, expanding investor networks and increasing SEO exposure for 506C deals.

Steven is commended by his team for his excellent problem-solving abilities, creativity, and valuable suggestions that enhance efficiency. Highly organized and detail-oriented, he excels in coordinating technical and design aspects of client projects.

As an excellent communicator, Steven ensures smooth collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, delivering projects on time and overseeing the development of client web projects from inception to deployment.

With a rewarding track record in syndication digital marketing, Steven Lee’s expertise and dedication continue to make a significant impact, driving success for various ventures. His dynamic approach and commitment to excellence make him an asset to any project he takes on.

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